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Animation; Experiment

For Limited Access 8, “Animation; Experiment” curated various experiences in the broader field of animation, and seeks to retrieve animation as a process-based practice and not just as a medium or a genre.
This collection which is being shown at the Platform3, includes video screening, moving images, GIFs, animated A/V performances and installations as well as some open studios of on-going projects. The presented works are selected trough the festival’s call for entries, and from the archives of Animation; Experiment and Parking video Library.
Cycle, Frame, Flip Book are micro curated projects among other installations…

Limited Access 8 : Animation Forum

The theory: In my idea door viewers in every house have a story to tell. We can see outside the door but people who are outside the door and walking in the stairs can’t see us. They just sense that someone is looking at them or watching them.

Idea: I want to show the mystery of loneliness in the stairs and also not knowing about before and after that specific moment that you can observe from the door viewer.

In this short, the question of time/movement and its links with the filmic representation is practiced. The contrast between public time and personal time and the idea of eliminating the chronological order of time has also experimented in both sequences.

A few years back, a video of stray dogs being killed by acid injection by council workers in Shiraz(Iran) went viral. Nobody took responsibility for the action.

The-Picture-is-in-the-photo-siavash-naghshbandiThe found collection of slides, from those I do not know, are identified by the capability of artificial intelligence trying to recognize the image, on top of a layer of the recorded voices of my childhood.

Silent edge is a work that questions about the vision itself.
The idea of ​​this project comes from a reflection on the concept of “limit”. The limit of space and the virtual limit, both concrete and invisible. How to film this immaterial point is the question.  Recording inside the depth of space, removing the visible
 space by mean of light and shadow.
In the end, there is an image where the limit is the space between heaven and earth, between the vertical and the horizontal.

“In a Box” is an animation installation made by music with the same name and displayed by the video mapping technique.

This music video represents a nonlinear narrative that oscillates between reality and dream. The dominant atmosphere in this song is the box that a man is enclosed within it. The box emphasizes the fact that the man is entangled. The presence of a man inside the box can symbolize the limited frameworks that he has caught up with. Then, by expressing man’s thoughts and imaginations, the music video throws the viewer into a dream-like space. Accordingly, the most important element in the process of conceptualization is the contradiction between the reality that a man is involved in and the imaginary spaces of a man’s mentality. That’s why the space in which the music video is displayed is a real box. This work is an effort to expand the medium of animation from a two-dimensional media. The objective space and occurrence of the pictures on the polyhedral installations are the attempts to empower the elemental aspects of the box. This makes it easy for the audience to understand the “in a box” man and the space that the video music is intended to express.

Days and nights pass while we are just looking. The days that we are unable to change anything in but counting time lonely, poisoned in our shell. Solitude is an inseparable part of our lives although we are seemingly not seemed alone. I am sitting lonely and watching people. I am watching my people’s lives from the window frame and narrate their stories.

I have created visual elements of the people’s silhouette who I do not know anything about them except their gender. An illustration of people’s lives in their not so fancy buildings. 

The viewer has the opportunity to break these people’s privacy through observing some intimate moments of their lives.

This animated movie (Vaccum) was produced for Radio Div to be presented at the live performance of the episode “I took away everything” on “Daarbast” platform Mohsen Gallery. The clip portrays the Iranians who have immigrated overseas and how they miss things and the environment they have left behind. The soundtrack named ” Omid-zendeghani (the hope for life) is a work by Pink Martini group. Vaccum is made of paintings and hand-made collages using a “cut-out” technique.

When you are obliged to pass through a path and you have no other ways to choose, how many obstacles can you handle?

According to the story, a united humanity in the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language,  they agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. God, observing their city and tower, confounds their speech so that they can no longer understand each other, and scatters them around the world.

Perhaps a child, before he opened his eyes to the light outside the womb, dreamed and lived life in an exciting ambiance.

“Life, a hallucination in-between” is the name of a trilogy that focuses on the three birth, life, and death at the end, in the context of an abstract image of each. But what is most emphasized is life, and there are several questions ahead: What is the life cycle exactly? Does life begin   birth? The human being to life is from the time of his spermatogenesis, and whether he will be in the future in a state of life, in the sense that life is a philosophical thing that is in the heart of being alive and that man may not live thou he’s alive. Nevertheless, does a fetus, depending on its liveliness, make the taste of life, even death, without making a path to the outside?

“Life, a hallucination in-between “, with its totally abstract looking, crosses through its own narrative path.

“Etude in interiors ” is a glimpse, through an abstract lens, into confined spaces where a fleeting presence and passing of light reveal their corners, and the outside momentarily crawls inside.

The first experience in ‘Downward Project’ is comprised of a collection titled “Ballade in Noises”. Inspired by a ballade, as a classical music form with lyrical narrative qualities, this trilogy is an attempt to achieve a harmony of form and sound. While not promising to deliver a narrative, this collection is perhaps an improvisation on fear and hope.

The War for many people is nothing but a word like others. The elements of war without its meaning will become objects. Motifs can be made from this and one can use these motifs to make a video. You can dance with this music video. Like in the ’80s, in the time of Iran and Iraq war, in many parts of the world including Iran, people were also partying. And like what is happening now, despite the wars in various places in the world.

Each person lives in his or the other one’s thinking and ideology in society. The consequences of swallowing other thoughts by individual thoughts are getting that person’s identity and substitution of dominant thinking. A captured person’s insights work no longer. He gets disturbed in his decisions. After this crisis, the unaware person enters a game that is self_guiding and guided. He has lost the game or will go to the end. What will happen at the end of the road?

An audiovisual piece that is based on a building in Tehran; Al-djawad mosque is one of the first mosques in Iran with modern architecture. Going through its history, two facts that were used as concepts for this piece: Before the Iranian revolution, this mosque was the speech base of an important character in the revolution. Morteza Motahari is called “The first Teacher of Revolution” because he was one of the first to present some of the conservative Islamic ideas with a western philosophical language. In a speech that is used in this piece, he talks about purification and cleansing of one’s soul. Al-djawad mosque is located in one of the most populated and polluted areas in Tehran. A few years ago the building was painted with a special air-purifying paint called KNOxOUT. This the first building in the city that acts as a purifier. These two facts are deconstructed and mixed together in the piece both in content and form. The concepts of purifying in a physical sense and cleansing of the soul are combined as a representative of the Social and political situation in Iran. The Islamic revolution in Iran began its way with the most anti-capitalist and spiritual slogans which speak of the purifying of the soul, but this purification itself goes through a commodification in the most materialistic way.

Time has changed many things, these changes have destroyed the environment and its beauties. During 20 to 30 years, the things that had made the beauty of my childhood surroundings were destroyed by harsh changes made by humans.
The most beautiful memories of mine were in places that were full of beautiful scenery, pleasant sounds, the smell of plants, and of soil when it has just started raining.
From all of these memories, not much has remained except a few photos in the family album, it seems like centuries have passed. 

Time has changed many things, these changes have destroyed the environment and its beauties. During 20 to 30 years, the things that had made the beauty of my childhood surroundings were destroyed by harsh changes made by humans.
The most beautiful memories of mine were in places that were full of beautiful scenery, pleasant sounds, the smell of plants, and of soil when it has just started raining.
From all of these memories, not much has remained except a few photos in the family album, it seems like centuries have passed. 

“objects of EMMA” is a collaborative project. I ask participants to choose 20 objects and belongings which represent them the most or evoke a memory in them that is either deep or meaningful. They give these objects to me for one day and I try to make an experimental-short using under camera stop-motion. 

Tangible objects, carry with them the stories they have been surrounded to; without any narration and story-line, they represent the memories of people they once belonged to.

Sometimes you need to get close to the skin of an island to hear him whispering about his secret yearning for the Moon.
This video is an experiment made out of the images I took (mostly with my smartphone) during a trip to Hormuz Island—a piece of magic beauty located in the Persian Gulf.
The music is an untouched piece of the great Terry Riley.


” A Dream ” is a snapshot of a love story, a kind of tale inspired by the life of the artist.
We see the couple drawn in different scales on the plane. 
Suddenly, the woman falls into a river and Floating alone in the river, we do not know where it could be limbo…


Special Screenings:



By choosing and screening looped videos  Animation; Experiment is focusing on the resemblance of revolving both structure and content in this specific kind of animations. 

Mahsa Abasi | Amirali Ghasemi | Niloofar Naderi | Ali Molavi | Ramin Rahimi | Mehdi Alibeygi | Navid ShahNeshin | Amir Kazemi | Golnaz Moghadam | Arman Alipour | Hamed Heydari | Mojtaba Tourki | Farid Yahaghi | Nazanin Aharipour | Ali Jorjandi


Frame, a participatory animation project - Limited Access 8

Frame; is a participatory animation project, based on participant’s drawn frames. An animation is being screened on the tablet and participants are asked to choose from its frames and draw on them. Finally, by altering the source animation, a new animation emerges.

Flip Book

By selecting a collection of  artist made flip-books, Animation; Experiment is emphasizing on the importance of  having a fresh approach towards the timing in animation which is different from the digitalize-video and off screen formats. 

Tara Mahdizadeh | Moosa Ghanatzadeh | Nebras Hoveyzavi | Ava Sanayei | Pooya Shahsiah | Mehdi Shiri | Amir Kazemi | Amin Hagshenas | Arman Alipour | Saeed Alvandi | Niloofar Naderi