Net-based garbage | Milad Forouzandeh
All social media have their own structure and subject matter, serve their users and somehow compel them to accept certain terms and conditions. Most of mass media products like video games and social media apps have been hinged upon using “characters” to reach their goals. In this case, the role of users is attributed to “avatar” or “character”, thereby users can personalize the avatar by changing their appearance and other variables.
As a matter of fact, avatars and characters in video games and social media act as a bridge between users and the net. Since the emergence of the internet and the subsequent rise of social media, millions of user accounts and various avatar have been created to date.
Some of these social media are no longer in use and replaced by progressive forms.
Data and pictures that have been uploaded for many years by users all over the planet in order to change the appearance of avatars are now obsolete, inaccessible and accumulated on databases, due to stopping the development of old programs. Data like user’s location, interests and tastes were stored on these databases would be the most important data for each and every company/developer. Now we have to question:
Suppose we classify all the data of each user accounts and would be able to extract them if necessary, can we call this avatar as a “residual” namely “net-based garbage”?
Since the beginning of the internet path, avatars have made a platform to establish a connection between user accounts and eventually by extracting all the data of these isolated avatars, they have become an empty/useless/ shell (trivia).
This project is going to bring this up weather the separation of the internet data would lead to a binary, Practical data (precious) vs. Residual data (one that is no need to reread them/ trivial)?
If so, due to exponentially technological growth, what kind of a future we can imagine for the net-based garbage?