Limited Access 9


Parkingallery Projects launched the Limited Access Festival in 2007. Parkingallery Projects was a small project space in Tehran that initiated an independent festival for video, sound, and performance arts. Since then, Limited Access Festival has featured prominent and emerging artists from Iran and worldwide.
The Limited Access Festival has always included the following sections:
– An open call for videos, sound works, and proposals for audiovisual and performance-based projects in all editions
– Guest-curated programs submitted from different parts of the world
– An archival section for providing an opportunity to reflect on the history of moving images/video and experimental films
– Practical selections from the parallel educational programs
Since the beginning, the festival has collaborated with diverse institutions to explore their audiovisual archives in Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Cairo, Ljubljana, Paris, Toronto, San Francisco, Vienna, and Montreal, Brussels, The Hague, Dublin, Bonn, and Istanbul.
Limited Access Festival has the pleasure of having distinguished guest curators, to name a few: Tasja Langenbach, Faraz Anoushehpour, Nebras Hoveizavi, Minou Iranpour, Amirali Ghasemi, Arash Khakpour, and collectives like Noise a Noise, and Animation Experiment collective.
The festival’s primary mission is to reduce the gap between the artistic domains and promote cross-disciplinary approaches and practices.
The main section of this year’s festival follows the custom of the previous editions by presenting the “Limited Access Forum,” including a selection of the submitted entries to the open call besides a dedicated part to the forgotten treasures from the Parking video Library.
Limited Access 8 was organized by Parkingallery Projects in collaboration With Aaran Art Projects, Tamaas Foundation, Mooweex, and New Media Society in partnership With Tirafkan Foundation, Platform 3, Markov Café, and Bidar School for Art and Literature. It took place in the summer of 2019 in six venues across the city with parallel programs, A/V Performances, Talks and workshops, and studio visits, marking the Iranian month of Mordad as a time for moving images, sound works, and new media.