Tarlan Lotfizadeh | 25th Frame

The 25th frame effect is a condition which uses the eye’s inability in processing more than 24 frames per second. In other words, if a frame is shown at 1/25th of a second or at a shorter time interval, the conscious mind is unable to process it. While the image bypasses the conscious mind and is perceived by the subconscious mind.

As I see it, falling in love entirely resembles The 25th frame effect. It is not visible to the eye, even not recognizable, but one day you will just realize it has landed on your subconscious. Depicting love, just like the love itself, is replete with desperation and helplessness. You get so brimful of your absence from here and now and so immersed in your presence in another time, another place that your perception of the world gets disturbed.

Ayyuqi like many of us, like most of the history, concealed his own story in the poem of Varqa and Gulshah. As if, instead of revealing our own stories, we prefer to disguise it within thousands of pages and narrate it through other people’s stories. Then we empathize with the protagonist in such manner as if we have forgotten that this has been our own story. As though in the whole history, love has been more mythical and more whimsical to be believed in the form of a contemporary narration. As if still the most credible image on love can be found in the illustrations which date back to centuries ago.