Home Cinema | Jaleh Nesari | 2019 | 00:12:30

Popular Iranian cinema before the revolution of 1979, was influenced by the romantic Indian films, the story of the poor people who overcome all their misfortunes through the power of love. The key to the success at the box office for those films, other than the happy ending, was the dance and the musical numbers and the romantic scenes.

After the revolution, some of the women who had played in those films were called by the authorities and nearly all of them were dismissed and set aside and banned from acting and appearing in the movies. The video ‘Home Cinema” has been made out of footages from the old movies which they used to play in. While It depicts their situation after the revolution by focusing on themes like daily-ness, loneliness, and isolation in which they played as their roles in the movies back then as movie stars.

Archive of Touti

The Archive of “Touti” follows the path of an Iranian Actress, Touti Salimi from the fame to death. Touti one of the actresses who was banned from ever appearing on screen after the revolution. The archive traces her life and is based on whatever the artist could have found in all available media such as newspapers, magazines, teasers, film posters, and amateur videos, also the news shared about her in social networks like Instagram and Facebook.