Yet the Fantasy is Fishy, is an installation by Taba Fajrak, Shokufeh Khoramrudi which is being shown at platform 3 for the second time as a part of Limited Access video installation series.

“Yet the Fantasy is Fishy”, a distortion of a dream about a fish carved on the ceiling of an old mansion, is a multimedia installation. In this dream-like experience, the figure of the fish has changed into a vague form of two bodies intertwined, once we see itWe reproduced the dream into animation through a process of distortion and regeneration with a reference to David Hackneys’ illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: The Boy Hidden in a Fish.
This installation is part of a multi-media site-specific project, “Tales of Interdisciplinary: the Curious Case of a Very Long Tale”, exhibited at Dastan’s Basement in winter 2019.