Untitled, An Animation program

Curated by Pooya Abbasian

Untitled, An Animation program
Curated by Pooya Abbasian
A selection of narrative short animations from new generation French and Canadian animation directors. Commun point in the selection appear as dreamlike images in which time and memory always play a key role, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, the past and the present fuse.
Jeremy Clapin
Simon knows about ducks quite well. They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll. Sometimes, it’s a bit confusing and Simon gets lost.
Jeremy Clapin
Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself.
Patrick Doyon
The Junction - Chilly Gonzales & Peaches
Stories of musical magnetism – how unique musical collaborations came to be. Animated short films tell the funny and often unexpected stories of artists, how they met, and the music they created together.
Patrick Doyon
On a typically boring Sunday a small boy goes to church with his parents before being taken to a relative’s house for a family lunch. Still bored he amuses himself by placing a coin on the adjacent railway track,an action which has un- fortunate and bizarre results for a passing bear.
Adrien Merigeau
Old Fangs (France)
A young wolf decides to confront his father. He had not seen him since he was a child.
Adrien Merigeau
Cecelia & Her Selfhood
The film charts the development of a young man as he navigates his way through an impressionistic landscape in search of an elusive monster which is intent on destroying his childhood home.
Joanna Lurie
The silence beneath the bark
Two tree-creatures hibernating underneath the bark of their respective tree wake up by the quakes produced by the snowfall outside, so they go out to explore and that’s how they meet each other.
Jeff Le Bars
A young boy is lost in the frozen woods - it is only a matter of time before he freezes to death. A wolf approaches him, she is injured and also will die sooner rather than later. Her proposal to the boy is simple - she will let him kill her to use her meat for food and her pelt for warmth, as long as he in return stays to care for her cubs, which will also surely die without someone to look after them.