Non Pacific Co-existance of Numbers and Days

A Performance by Studio 51 (Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh)

Non Pacific Co-existance of Numbers and Days
Studio 51 (Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh)

Installation: Photo Slides, Slide Projector, Recorded Dialogue, Water, Water Tank, Water Pump, Acrylic Paint, Syringe, Aluminum, Wood, Plexiglass, Steel Cable \ 2014

2015\ Aaran projects, Tehran, Iran
2014\ The Guesthouse, Cork, Irland

Stacks of family photo-slides were bought from an unknown person. The dates and the texts reveals the fact that they contain the history of a family for over two decades: persons, places, parties, holidays … Maybe just a voyeuristic eye, can find a relation between these slides. Although in the absence of their actual memory, new scriptures can be playfully added to them. Then during this textual game, two separate texts are formed after a process of investigation which rapidly turn into a conversation between the artists. In a slide projection they are destined to pass through a device to be processed again.

Studio 51
Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh
Studio 51 is a collaborative project between Bahar Samadi & Navid Salajegheh since 2014. The main theme of their projects is recycling and re-employing pre-existing or found and often anonymous footages, textual and visual materials. Studio 51 attempts to rewrite and process these toward various extended mediums from moving image to performance and from installation to painting. Constructing a series of micro narratives, which re-appear in alternative time and space.