Limited Access Forum

Limited Access Forum, like previous editions which featured programs like Wandering Islands and Archipelago is a combination of newly discovered pieces with a glimpse of the archive at Parking video library. The program wishes to act as a platform to meet, share works and ideas for various artists and practitioners working with New Media, at the time academia and various other circumstances promote individualism instead of collective approach in knowledge transfer, Contributing to the division between disciplines, the Forum was designed to enhance cross disciplinary communication and networks.

Forum A

MohammadJavad Jahangir | Suspension | 2016 | 00:01:00
Suspension addresses to Iranian migrants crisis.The sound belongs to Whale vocalization.
Hamed Sahihi | Nothing happened! | 2017 | 00:01:58
A floating moment in time, until we realize nothing serious has happened and we can move on to our destination!
Hassan Sheidaei | Free in prison | 2015 | 00:06:10
The video expresses a dilemma: Are we people controlled by any virtual or real mechanisms? Can we leave the prison of our mind? Are we able to decide freely?
Siavash Naghshbandi | Tehran invasion and metastasis | 2017 | 00:04:00
The population of the city of Tehran has been steadily growing over the last few decades and is now around 13 million.
Nazli Abbaspour | Life | 2014-2015 | 00:01:56
In my opinion,a fruitless effort to stay alive out of water for a fish is same as a human who scratched walls till maybe could find oxygen to breath The water for fish is exactly oxygen for humans. Based on a photograph of Auschwitz gas chamber statment: How painful is the last attempt to prolong a life that will end soon, And how bitter is the pleasure which is gained by the other.
Alannah Robins, Linda Schirmer | Surfacing | 2017 | 00:04:23
This work explores qualities of water, of submersion and surfacing through dance, projection and film.
Aria Farajnezhad | All is solid | 2017 | 00:02:02
All is solid video performance is a dark metaphor, which ridicules itself too. the image of a man facing a pile of raw materials is not staged or lighted. the industrial shed remained intact. the only theatrical role is taken by the artist. the permanent shouting, which causes a dramatic atmosphere in the first part, seems poor and absurd when it is performing in the empty space. all is solid melts into air, even the monument of the artist's heroic act.
Fabrizio Cicerco | Casa Nostra | 2016 | 00:01:54
Starting from the exploration of the Sicilian countryside and its abandoned houses, the artist strongly feels the necessity to rehabilitate these ruins, to give them a second life, and to re-inhabit them. With the aid of powerful LED, Fabrizio Cicero projects strong rays of light from the interior of the houses, powerful and rumbling like those of a thunderbolt. For a second, as in a divine act, the house illuminates, it reheats and repopulates, celebrating the many spirits that have lived there over the centuries, in a frankensteinian attempt to return life to what seems lifeless.
Amirhossein Shahnazi | viale dei mille, le vite parallele | 2009 | 00:04:25
period of time in which you wait for something to happen
Nazgol Emami | you are an idiot :) :) :) | 2017 | 00:04:24
a viral soundscape
Mohammad Enjavi Amiri | Tolerance | 2016 | 00:02:37
when we press a spiral,there is a phase that the spiral is too compressed and it contains a lot of energy but its under a big pressure.when we look at it there is no move to describes it but even in the stagnant objects there is always an energy.this video is about compression and energy transport.
Maryam Palizgir | Women in wind | 2016 | 00:00:40
Challenging my viewers to question that women being viewed primarily as an object of desire or as a whole person in contemporary societies. Women being portrayed in more mainstream media such as advertising and art, as an object of desire and this objectification in the media can range from subtle forms to very explicit forms that can lead men to evaluate or judge women sexually or aesthetically in public. Woman Dress is a metaphor that can represent this male gaze in public spaces.
Atefeh Khas | Healing | 2014 | 00:03:05
Abr Forest ecosystem boundaries between two semi-desert and forest areas. When captive clouds behind the walls of the Alborz mountains reach this place, it’s like forest that is floating in the clouds. In recent years, the forest is in danger of destruction, due to road construction and intensification of human destruction. Keep this place and prevent the loss of it, is a concern that has been shown at this three-minute video.
Rojin Shafiei | I WALK TO MATCH YOUR SPEED | 2016 | 00:02:39
The video's concept is based on memories, dreams and repetition. The moments we have conflicts with from the past and we cannot get rid of them.
Nebras Hoveizavi | Sometime in January or Maybe June | 2016 | 00:07:00
Sometime in January, Nakhodka Mammad was singing his songs while smuggling fabrics. It was sometime in June when I was born out of fabrics made by a loom. Time and Place are in snooze mood, and the sleeping zone brought realistic form of talking about smuggling in Iran. The zone that give Time opportunities to give us reference to our own history and current moments it’s not working anymore; and the zone that place known as a border for itself its getting wide enough to lose the boundary and flow. If this video was able to not provide enough information about smuggling in Iran it’s definitely reach the stage that was aiming for. It brought the sense of how much this subject it’s complicated and vague to be describe. The reality keep getting sweep from the eyes and pass through the hands. The hand that now try to tell you manipulated story of smuggling.
Reyhan Làl | The process | 2017 | 00:00:13
"The Process" is part of an ongoing project wich in terms of content has a similar approach to the whole work.
Farshido Larimian | IMG_4131 | 2017 | 00:03:07
Without Permission, but good.
Faraz Anoushahpour, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Ryan Ferko| Bunte Kuh | 2015 | 00:06:00
Through a flood of images and impressions, a narrator attempts to recall a family holiday. Produced in Berlin and Toronto, Bunte Kuh is a collaboration between Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, & Ryan Ferko which combines a found postcard, family photo album, and original footage to weave together the temporal realities of two separate vacations.
Mahshid Mahboubifar | Artificial Respiration | 2017 | 00:02:00
Routine as an adjective: performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason.
Nicolas Wiese | VERSION 2: PSEUDO_CODE | 2016 | 00:07:00
Sahand Sarhadi, Farhad Ghodsi | Musical History Of Burning | 2016 | 00:07:00
*This video has been created without any virtual effects. If the selected works of this video were to speak a language, which composer in history would best translate their words into music? In other words, to what geographical and historical coordinates would they belong to? Every appropriation in art is followed by the destruction of the original work. No matter how loyal the artist to the source-work, he will destroy it in the process of making the destination-work, appropriating it. Now sometimes it tends to be destructive and sometimes re-creative. Throughout history, many people have immortalized their names by destroying cultural objects: from Taliban who perpetuated their names in history by destroying Buddha statues, to John Lennon’s assassin who made the death of the artist his own. Naturally, this process of deconstructing the work is different for an artist, for he does not intentionally go on destroying a work with a bleak approach. That is to say, even if the artist intends to destroy, he does it in an aesthetic and effective fashion, and he has the ability to turn the process into a work of art. He even appropriates the very act of destruction.
Mojtaba Saranjampour | contradictory scene | 2015 | 00:03:27
contradictory scene try to depict relation between fear and pleasure for people during watching natural scene.

Forum B

Pouya Shahrabi | Multitude 03 | 2017 | 00:02:08
Mona Najafizadeh- Golnaz Payani | Life | 2012 | 00:03:34
Everything is flowing every where and all the time Without any defect
Mónica Savirón | Answer Print | 2016 | 00:05:00
"The fading that devastates color films occurs in the dark. It is accelerated by high temperatures and, to a lesser extent, relative humidity. Dye fading is irreversible. Once the dye images have faded, the information lost cannot be recovered"—Image Permanence Institute "An answer print is the first film after the original has been timed for every shot with fades and dissolves if any. The question that it answers is ‘what is this going to look like’, and ‘what corrections, if any, are needed’"—Bill Brand
Niyaz Saghari | The Trigger of the Cone | 1395 | 00:02:23
A Visual experimentation with the poetry of Ali Sarandibi bringing together the inner and outer life in the city of Tehran
Taravat Khalili | Flower Casting Shadow on Stone | 2014 | 00:02:04
I was inspired by reading Sohrab Sepehri at the film school in Cuba
Laura Puska | Bubble Life | 2017 | 00:02:57
Though there are written stories and the omnipresent Internet, there are ways to travel, to meet and to communicate, still they say that everyone lives in his own bubble. Like watching through a bowl of water, a view gets distorted and modified depending of which angle it is being seen. One sees, hears and feels differently than anyone else. Each perspective is so strongly subjective that it is impossible to say if we can ever experience the same.
Christof Zwiener | WILLANO | 2006 | 00:03:34
Willano by Christof Zwiener shows a horse which is moving leisurely in a black unspecified space. The space is so dark that the animal can not be distinguished from its surroundings. Only reflector points placed on the left side of the horses body give an idea of ​​ its contours, proportions and movements. The further away the horse moves from the camera, the more the spots begin to flicker until they disappear completely to illuminate again with the next steps from the depth of the dark space. What we see is not the horse but rather a system of points and rhythms, of modulations and variations, which are approximately present. At the same time it comments on the human process of looking. Sustained by the slowness of the walking and the stillness of the film, the images produce a meditative calm, therefore the attention is directed solely to the appearance and the symmetry of the walking. Coming across as a cinematic light drawing, Wilano refers to the medium of photography to Eadweard Muybridge's photographic attempts to capture the movements of a galloping horse.
Mónica Savirón | Broken Tongue | 2014 | 00:03 :00
Broken Tongue is an ode to the freedom of movement, association, and expression. It pays homage to the diaspora of the different waves of migration, and challenges the way we represent our narratives. It is a search for a renewed consciousness, for reinvention, a “what if”, the formal equivalent of asking a question expressed with a broken tongue – or not so broken after all. Mainly made with images from the January 1st issues of “The New York Times” since its beginning in 1851 to 2013, Broken Tongue is a heartfelt tribute to avant-garde sound performer Tracie Morris and to her poem “Afrika”.
Ann Oren | If you want me to go, I’ll go away | 2017 | 00:04:56
A minimalist meditative investigation of desire
Amir Farsijani | Completely Automated Public War test to tell Bullet and Humans Apart | 2012 | 00:00:24
The sound of video is a voice of CAPTCHA sound Test which is actually a solution to separate the man from the machine. And video show us a Death of a man who killed by cooperation of man and machine.
Farhad Eivazi | Demo… | 2016 | 00:06:48
There is a word and it is among one of the oldest words in the world. And in the most languages of the world it is pronounced the same way and there is no translation needed. Only the accents make the difference. Yet nowadays almost eighty percent of the world’s problems are due to the issues in interpreting it.
Simin Yaghoubi | BOX | 2015 | 00:18:03
This video tries to show the influence of social forces on isolation and double confinement of women in society. Visualize the cumulative effects of stress, unfair manners, gender discrimination by using newspaper-packages. Each packages trap space in a way which is getting closer and closer, where she was buried under the weight of those forces.
Samira Eskandarfar | Nice & Easy | 2017 | 00:03:30
Every now and then we kinda like to do things nice and easy. But somehow, we ever never do anything completely nice and easy.
Dorsa Eidizadeh | Vertigo, Symptoms and Treatment | 2017 | 00:01:59
Tehran as a metropolis doesn't have enough public spaces. The urban design based on accelerating the movement of pedestrians and reducing the friction among them. The shortest routes are accessible through the highways. This agonizing cycle could only be stopped when the individuals act like errors. The cracks, which could bend the "right path." private spaces could not cure the exhausted and turbulent citizens. They must come back to the city and transform their relationship with that.
Sareh Ghomi | Gravity | 2016 | 00:07:00
When water defies gravity!
Masoumeh Mohtadi | cat's cradle | 2015 | 00:02:20
Cat's Cradle is one of the oldest games, even Eskimos know how to play. Cat's Cradle is nothing but a bunch of (X) between the two hands, a bunch of unknowns. X that appears in the game thread and yarn not never getting resolved, repeat, repeat, repeat ... What changes does not play but It is the patience of the player.
Milad Parvaz | Video,...Art?! | 2016 | 00:05:55
I have Mixed feelings on what it called video art in contemporary art. In one side I have tension and interest about this medium and the other side, I feel in many cases, video art is an artistic intellectual and artistic equivalent of the classic media.( Naturally, the above statement is only a feeling and the video Art influence on contemporary art is obvious) Not-so-serious approach to the definition of video art Words: Tv, Material, Time, Interactive, Surveillance, Video Performance, Mixed Media, Video Installation, Avant-garde cinema, See, Part of a general idea, Criticism, Photography, Self Reflexivity, Place, Location, Camera, Human, Desultorily, Intermedia, Non-passive audience, Post-modernism, Story, Body, Short movie, Technology, Presentation, Expanded Cinema, Time based material, Minimalism. Images: Television, TV is turned off, noise, Person and Camera, Written rather than spoken, Balloon, Toothbrush, Hairdryer. Voices: Abbas Kiarostami, Alireza Samiazar, Hamid Severi, Barbad Golshiri, Foad Torshizi.
Allahyar Najafi | Shathiyat | 2017 | 00:10:19
While Walking on streets, you are surrounding by worlds written on walls and you unconsciously absorbing it all, taking them through your eyes into your mind, they make a big turmoil, when the time passes they slowly develop an order in your mind, based on your perception of the outside world or perception of their own intuitions, it reveals itself like hidden story underneath.