Art, City, and the Politics

Curated by Pouria Jahanshad

Art, City, and the Politics
Curated by Pouria Jahanshad

For the 7th edition of Limited access Festival, Pouria Jahanshad has selected three urban documentaries. These films portray the city as a space of interaction and confrontation between different forces. Hence the city represented in these three documentaries is a city engaged with the politics; The city where art is deeply connected with everyday life and everyday life merges with art, so as Henri Lefebvre puts art could become an act of the liberation. These films trace various subcultures trying to claim their rights to the city despite being rejected/banned by the authorities.The Right to the city, often a forgotten, yet undeniable matter which can be revived through art and the documentaries in this program depict efforts of artists challenging the symbolic order of the authorities.
Paliz Khoshdal | Zeinab Tabrizi
Street Sultans
38 minutes
Street Sultans is a documentary movie about founders of parkour (City tourism) in Iran. They are trying to hold parkour festival in Ekbatan Town, but they face various problems in their way....
Mahan Khomaminejad
On Underground
42 minutes
Parviz has started to dance in streets at the age of 11 after watching a clip from "Chico". Since then he has dreamed of meeting Chico all the time. Some day he notices that Chico might travel to Iran as judge of BC One competitions…
Farzin was champion of street dance competitions (BC One) and winner of travelling to abroad to enter the international competitions. He couldn't able to have his reward, since he didn't have passport. Now after one year, he got his passport and tries to repeat his championship.
Zeinab Tabrizi
A Waltz for Tehran
50 minutes
Mehrdad Mehdi, one of the first street music players in Iran, intends to reunite his old band, which have played together in streets for years, in order to hold street music festival in Tehran. But he faces several incidents and obstacles in his way