An Animated Afternoon

Limited Access 7, as one of its traditions dedicates an afternoon animation. The current program does not represent the animation scene in Iran but rather tells us more about the people who responded to an open call for moving images, sound and performance. It is always full of surprises and new names which always makes us curious to explore.
Toktam Tajafari Sahebi | Woman in river | 2016 | 00:00:54
It is also a continuation of previous work. The woman floating in a river. I prefer to install my work on the ground like a real river. and the video is played repeatedly.
Golnaz Moghaddam,Elmira Salamat | Night night | 2016 | 00:01:40
Saying goodnight to his son after a creepy story , Dad suddenly finds out the kid is not on the bed anymore, then the nightmare begins…
Kian Edalat | while_0002 | 2017 | 00:02:00
After modernity and through delusive exit doors, we escape from the end of history over exposed by overlapping circles of politics and economy. This indeed is pedestrian, humdrum, mind-numbing, colourless and dreary. Despite the current discourses of our current era, the core of modernity that was shaped in the 19th century and resulted in the end of history, has remained the same. After the death of spirituality and its equations with politics, we encounter struggle for the balance of power between countries and even among local political parties. This is a struggle from all sides for ultimate power but none can achieve it. Thus there is no invincible, the most powerful and perfect where all routes end to it. Contemporary art scene represents the end of history as infinite horizon where artists constantly are adding a sequence of images to it. Artworks have equal aesthetic value where no work is better than the other and no work is more perfect than the other. Theories would confront anti theories and movements provoke counter movements. My solution to escape is not going forwards or backwards but rather an illusory sense of going up to another planet. Over this way, I arrive at the world of abstraction. Significantly abstraction express pure infinity. Shapes can be formed perpetual without loss of uniqueness or portrait unsophisticated imitation. Abstraction releases me from polluted and noisy traffic to the sea of unlimited shapes and takes me to visual freedom excluded from realism and perfectionism. This route leads me to my ongoing project “while”.
mehdi shiri | Still Life | 2016 | 00:04:00
Life This collection is a result of closely monitoring the environment that surrounds us, the subjects and objects, the silence that the soulless nature has , the portraits, the fluid movement of nature, reminiscence of memories, and how I came to connect with them and my interpretation without any outside interference. This is an effort to utilize Paintings as a tool to depict the colors and forms stemming from the thoughts and wonders that crosses our minds along with using animation to illustrate the fascinating movement of life. I had attempted to work with animation in the past, however I was not bale to go beyond the storyboarding level. While working with storyboarding, since it created the scenarios that were yet to be told from start to end in my head, the outcome was the limitation of my creativity and authenticity. However, this time, I changed my perspective and looked at it as a painting by improvising and ignoring the storyboarding. Consequently, I started seeing the infinite number of papers as a painting canvas that was constantly being developed and completed. The context that I wanted to convey in my message was very clear to me, although the way to portray it, would become clear only after several recitals. With this method, I felt like a person in the audience whom would be stunned from the piece. I had experienced this feeling before during drawing of a painting. The selection is from the year 2014- 2015 Mehdi Shiri , January 2016
Yasaman Hasani | A Drop on Hot Stone | 2015 | 00:04:16
A Drop on Hot Stone is a story about a woman who had no face. she tried to draw her face every day but one day she decided …
Sadegh Majlesi | MoonSteps | 2017 | 00:01:13.000
Intro play, the menu and the Start of the game, designed in the form and style Futuristic, Glitch Art and Neo 80s Art
Sahar Tarzi | Paper Road | 2016 | 00:03:52
A little girl is drawing some musicians in a driving car where her parents are arguing. Suddenly she faces with her drawings being animated. She wants to show it to her mother, but mother thinks it's a trash and through it away…
Maryam Katan | Refill-free | 2014 | 00:04:44
Refill-free is an experimental short animation, an experience to a sound installation-based animation. As an animated documentary it tries to value the sound line before visual parts in dramatizing. “Me” is the voice that is heard around my presence; it’s everyday-ness and non-everyday-ness. The “me” that depletes and is depleted. Depleted of me and my surroundings. And this goes on and on, just like free refills in a cafe, for no extra charge.
Kajeh Mehrizi | Twice | 2016 | 00:03:43
Journey of a mermaid who embraces love and sorrow.
Sadegh Majlesi | MoonSteps | 2017 | 00:01:13
Intro play, the menu and the Start of the game, designed in the form and style Futuristic, Glitch Art and Neo 80s Art