Day Two

April 8th,2017

Aaran Gallery

3-7 pm

Untitled, An Animation program

Curated by Pooya Abbasian

A selection of narrative short animations from new generation French and Canadian animation directors. Commun point in the selection appear as dreamlike images in which time and memory always play a key role, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, the past and the present fuse.

An Animated َAfternoon

Limited Access 7, as one of its traditions dedicates an afternoon animation. The current program does not represent the animation scene in Iran but rather tells us more about the people who responded to an open call for moving images, sound and performance. It is always full of surprises and new names which always makes us curious to explore.

Rooberoo Mansion

2 to 9 pm

Limited Access Forum

Limited Access Forum, like previous editions which featured programs like Wandering Islands and Archipelago is a combination of newly discovered pieces with a glimpse of the archive at Parking video library. The program wishes to act as a platform to meet, share works and ideas for various artists and practitioners working with New Media, at the time academia and various other circumstances promote individualism instead of collective approach in knowledge transfer, Contributing to the division between disciplines, the Forum was designed to enhance cross disciplinary communication and networks.

5-6 pm

From Here to There

Curated by Leonie Roessler

A playlist of recent electronic works from artists who are playing the field now. True diversity in sound and heritage - Iranian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Irish - to name a few. Made of real sounds and artificial ones, ranging from direct to sharp to static to quickly moving to grand to elusive… Compiled for Limited Access 7, to be heard in concert and then as an ongoing installation.

6-7 pm


“Sound in Performance” with Kasraa Paashaaei, Aftab Darvishi and bamdad Afshar

New Media Projects

4-7 pm

Procedures of Everyday Practice

Curated by Magdalena Ziółkowska

Part of Seismograph on tour
Partner: Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, Krakow

Everyday practices are tactical by nature.They try to take advantage of the possibilities in a situation which is already determined. They find a way of slipping through the cracks in control. Our methods of speaking, communication, reading, dressing up, walking around town... even the tiniest activities, are based on learning about tactics. The presentation of Procedures of Everyday Practice points to the concept of tactics and how they are utilized by the youngest artists in this city – graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków – Róża Duda, Agnieszka Fluder, Krzysztof Furtas, Martyna Kielesińska, Magdalena Lazar, Marianna Serocka, and Michał Soja. Through their work, they learn how to define their own courses of action.