Day 3

April 9th,2017

Aaran Gallery

5-7 pm

Art, City, and the Politics

Curated by Pouria Jahanshad

For the 7th edition of Limited access Festival, Pouria Jahanshad has selected three urban documentaries. These films portray the city as a space of interaction and confrontation between different forces. Hence the city represented in these three documentaries is a city engaged with the politics; The city where art is deeply connected with everyday life and everyday life merges with art, so as Henri Lefebvre puts art could become an act of the liberation. These films trace various subcultures trying to claim their rights to the city despite being rejected/banned by the authorities.The Right to the city, often a forgotten, yet undeniable matter which can be revived through art and the documentaries in this program depict efforts of artists challenging the symbolic order of the authorities.

Rooberoo Mansion

2 to 9 pm

Untitled, An Animation program

Curated by Pooya Abbasian

A selection of narrative short animations from new generation French and Canadian animation directors. Commun point in the selection appear as dreamlike images in which time and memory always play a key role, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, the past and the present fuse.

New Media Projects

4-7 pm

Limited Access Forum

Limited Access Forum, like previous editions which featured programs like Wandering Islands and Archipelago is a combination of newly discovered pieces with a glimpse of the archive at Parking video library. The program wishes to act as a platform to meet, share works and ideas for various artists and practitioners working with New Media, at the time academia and various other circumstances promote individualism instead of collective approach in knowledge transfer, Contributing to the division between disciplines, the Forum was designed to enhance cross disciplinary communication and networks.