Day Four

April 10th,2017

Aaran Gallery

3-7 pm


Curated by Rambod Vala

Our protagonist is sitting in front of a Retina display; her retina is capturing the fleeting pixels. All the pixels put together create a single image imprisoned in a frame: TV, laptop, camera display. One image follows another, demonstrating the passing of time. In Afterimage, words comment on images and music comments on images. Only rarely do images comment on images.

After exposing her retina to the bright light of the screen, it becomes light-adapted. Light adaptation creates an afterimage. The afterimage is stuck behind the retina and it blocks the sight — blinds — or detracts the eye from reality. This afterimage is sometimes mystical, familiar, exhausting, exuberant, disturbing or comforting, but it is always mesmerizing.

Rooberoo Mansion

2-9 pm

Limited Access Forum

Limited Access Forum, like previous editions which featured programs like Wandering Islands and Archipelago is a combination of newly discovered pieces with a glimpse of the archive at Parking video library. The program wishes to act as a platform to meet, share works and ideas for various artists and practitioners working with New Media, at the time academia and various other circumstances promote individualism instead of collective approach in knowledge transfer, Contributing to the division between disciplines, the Forum was designed to enhance cross disciplinary communication and networks.

6-7 pm

“Video in Theater” panel

with Pegah Tabassinejad, Hessam Nourani

New Media Projects

4-7 pm

Remote Homecoming Chapter Two

Curated by Amirali Ghasemi / Parking Video Library
Remote Homecoming is a platform designed to bring videos made by Iranians across the border remotely back home, and to bridge the gap between so-called “inside” and “outside”, while acknowledging.these terms are fading rather quickly or at least are changing tremendously as we speak, still there are numerous obstacles to communicating between the scenes and there is a lot to be learnt. Chapter one of remote homecoming was a selection of short films, videos, and performances from a wide range of Iranian artists from emerging to established and tried to show a gradient of practices across various disciplines and mediums, and was premiered at Limited Access 3 in Tehran & London. The 2nd edition of this program hopes for widening the definition of the medium by sharing a variety of approaches, frameworks, and mediums. To imagine an aperture to what is yet unseen even in this post-social network era we live in.

Ever decreasing the level of attention span, with the massive flux of data running on shallow and fragmented streams, one should appreciate having offline time, pretending everything is not about having the fastest access to “the latest” and to start having faith in “the slowness” again.