Moving Images and New Medias

Ekmel Ertan

Ekmel Ertan works as an artist, curator, and educator. Ertan is the founder and artistic director of İstanbul based amberPlatform (by BIS, Beden-İşlemsel Sanatlar Derneği /Body-Process Arts Association), which is a research and production platform on art and new technologies. Ertan is the artistic director of the international “amber Art and Technology Festival” in Istanbul since 2007. He curated international amberPlatform exhibitions and events and several others as an independent curator. Ertan is also working as the site coordinator and director of international projects based in Turkey and Europe in the conjunction of art and technology /new media and society. 

Ertan has exhibited his new media installations, photography and collaborative performance works in Turkey, Europe, and The States. 

Ertan received his BSc degree in Electronics / Communication Engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul and his MA degree in Interactive Media Design from Yıldız Technical University. He worked as a design and test engineer on telecommunication systems in Turkey, Germany, and Belgium. He started a multimedia design company in 1997 in Istanbul. Between 1999 and 2006 he taught new media design at Istanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul Technical University, and Yıldız Technical University; between 2006 and 2014 he taught at Sabancı University. Currently, he is living and working in Berlin.